Sitio do Astronauta is a group of study and development of technologies anti.disciplanary that boost learning expereinces, artistic expressions and evryday transistence. Believing that all the knwoledge must be shareable, stimulates the enlargemen of tools for creation.

Temos uma Série de oficinas

amuletos 3d

Sound Props

To introduce families to a new manner of feeling the sound, Sitio do Astronauta create the workshop: sound props.
During the workshop, children and parents will record phrases that will be registered in the open audacity software, by this way the wave will be transferred to a standard of relative sizes, and the participants will transform this wave in props, like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, making it possible to carry souvenirs, wishes, notes, advices on own body, varying its way of communicating.

Playing in 3D

In this activitie the participant is invited to creat, and for that, when it arrives the ambient, they will meet 3d printing fully working, printing the most unusual pieces to build amazing objects.
By it's side a lot of examples of what you can do in the activitie.
The rest of ambient is shared in some workstations, like hot glue station, Toolstation, customization station or material station

Astronauts inventions

The experience, astronauts inventions invite the participants to invent itself the astronauts, equipped with simple technologies that will be openly unveiled, introducing them to the electronic universe, expanding its creations tools. With everyday objects and pieces made by Sitio do Astronauta in the 3d printing, experience the learning by playing: batteries, lights, buzzers, motors, cardboard, cloths, bottles and others easier. During the experience, site offers some inspirational projects with spacial theme, rockets, planispheres, interspacial glasses, astronauts helmets, etc. Each participant will choose the time to be dedicated to his project, as the necessary tools. The public will be conducted especially on the use of tool and the space will be organized by workstation.
This activities has the goal to give wings to the imaginationthrough the making with it own hands, for that the participant meets a place full of elements that take him to another planet, as a astronaut. But this astronaut needs to create your own objects to explore new places.

Plastico Maravilha – Plastic bags

Plastic bags are all around, and even with the efforts for the reduction of it consumption, the negative impact in the environment still worrying. Having a creative look at the abundant materials, we can create varied funtional items. During the workshop, participants will be invited to resignify materials and tools. The iron will be used as a fusion tool, the plastic become a cloth, and the sewing machine completes the cicle transforming that plastic in a bag in the returnable shopping bag.

United by PET

Taking advantage of abundant materials, like pallets, table feets, bench chairs and pet bottles, the project has the purpose of finding accessible and functional way of building structures throught dispensed materials. The workshop is destined to the sharing of this technique: that consist in joining pieces of wood using melted plastic bottle. The simple heating turns the pet bottle into a great fixer. The technique adapts to itself and to different forms, each piece of wood and each pet bottle, creating a new structure. In thi workshop the participant build a luminaire. Different shapes of wood, thread, nozzle and plug are offer to each participant that can interact with the pieces in creative and sponaneous envoirement.