Sitio do Astronauta is a group of study and development of technologies anti.disciplanary that boost learning expereinces, artistic expressions and evryday transistence. Believing that all the knwoledge must be shareable, stimulates the enlargemen of tools for creation.

Solar energy

amuletos 3d


This activity is shared in two parts. We start with a conversation wheel about renewable energy, then the second through the manipulation of the materials, the participant are invited to build a solar cellphone charger.
The insteres for new sustainable methods of living , producing and consuming is growing in brasil, but even been comum to most ouvidos, the skowledge about its true applications are still limited, só shows the photovoltaic energy that mesmo que apontada as a solution to brasilias enegetic crisis, continue limited to a privilegiado nicho, seja pelo seu poder de compra, seja pelo it technical domain. For beyond lower the bills or not suffering in blackouts, what is beein discussed is making possible a social and ampla alternative, been indispensavel, difundir and make it more popular.