Sitio do Astronauta is a group of study and development of technologies anti.disciplanary that boost learning expereinces, artistic expressions and evryday transistence. Believing that all the knwoledge must be shareable, stimulates the enlargemen of tools for creation.

Talkative clothdoll

amuletos 3d


Talkative cloth doll is a patchwork doll, that has inside it a device able to record and reproduce audio
A doll that may not say ready sentences, but fluid sentences from the spontaneity of the child. During the workshop the participants will sew it own doll by hands and resignify the circuit used in electronic secretaries to make the doll record and reproduce sounds. The cloth doll is good in representing kids characteristic ,because it reflects it's anatomy and ethical peculiarities. Also, the forms that the cloth allow, require fro the child to higher fantasie degree in their interaction, stimulating it creativity and development. The chatterbox doll doll respect and want to stimulate a higher creative level, but also want to be talking with the ubiquitous technologies context that we live in.